Saturday, July 26, 2014

"And I'm still going!!!"

"And I'm still going!!!"  That's what my daughter said during her first 5K after we had waded through a creek almost waist deep for me, and definitely waist deep for her.  I love this attitude.  Really, that's all that matters.  That we never give up.  I started trying to get in shape a little over 2 years ago.  I have made a lot of progress.  I've had set backs, and gained back weight I lost.  But I worked hard and lost it again, and have kept it off.  I'm not at my goal weight yet, but "I'm still going!!!"  I'm not giving up.  I'm enjoying living a healthier life, and it's not going to stop!  

It's so good for us to step out of our comfort zones and push the boundaries of what we think we can do.  I'm proud of my mom and my daughter for doing just that and joining me on this "Skirt in the Dirt" 5K,  They are inspiring and together we can get through and achieve anything!  So can you!
Love, Eva

 Before the race...
 A little more than half -way through we were on path right by my car so I grabbed the camera!

 A team mate finished and was kind enough to take the camera from me so I could be in some photos!

 At the finish!

 The whole Birthday Bash Team!
 I'll run for that!

 Best race EVER!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Get more sleep!

My work-outs have not been so great lately and I want them to be!  Just a few weeks ago I was doing great, but a combination of a busy schedule and late nights has left me more tired than I would like to admit.  Today's weight-loss assignment?  Get to bed by 11 P.M.!!  I know I need it and that it will make a difference.  I especially need it because I'm running in a 5K tomorrow with my daughter, mother & friends.  I'm really excited, but hope I can MAKE myself rest so I can be ready for it.  Wish me luck & a good night's rest!


Monday, July 21, 2014


It feels so good, to feel so good!!!!!  Can you tell?  This is make-up free me in the morning happily enjoying a new recipe!  Things are finally really clicking physically, and it's amazing.  I'm starting to feel like the "real" me again, the woman I was physically before I had kids as far as energy & confidence.  I've been trying to be as consistent as I can with simple, small changes, and it's making a difference.  Here's what I've been enjoying for breakfast lately...smoothies with a little milk or yogurt.  This was super yummy, but I would only do half a slice of lime next time.  It was pretty sour, until I added some more juice & strawberries.  Also, my food processor couldn't handle the strawberry leaves or peels like the Costco Vitamix juicer could, but I kind of liked the teeny pieces of rind- not of the strawberry leaves though!

 This was dinner...fried, bread crumbed, zucchini,

baked zucchini & onions with salt & pepper & olive oil, 
(So good and easy!!!  Just heat it up at 350 for about 15 minutes!)

salad with tomatoes & cucumber from our garden & some yummy fresh pineapple,

& some delicious pulled pork I made in the slow cooker!

And adding more fruits & vegetables to my diet, with some lean protein, along with SOME simple, daily exercise is changing me.  It's changing how I feel, how I look at myself, and how I am able to take care of my family, all for the better.  And not just on the scale, although that has been changing for the good too- I hit a new low!!!  I really would love to be in the 140's by my birthday next week.  We will see if it happens, but even if it doesn't I know I am making healthy, long-lasting progress & that is better than any quick drop on on the scale!  Good luck to you on your healthy choices!  Hope you make some progress too!
Love, Eva

Friday, July 18, 2014

Today Was Better...A Little

Exercise happened today, in the morning and evening.  Not a super high intensity, but pretty good.  And eating went great...until dinner time.  For some reason, I think because I haven't made quick, convenient options and we keep running around all over the place for errands around dinner time, well, dinner time is hard.

So tomorrow, I will try harder.  *SMILE*

That's it for tonight.  Keeping it simple and to the point.  This is about a change in lifestyle, not just getting to a number on the scale.

I'm excited for going on a hike with the kiddos tomorrow.  I'm definitely trying to keep more variety in my work-out plans because that makes it actually happen!  Good luck to you in your efforts.  I'm weighing in on Tuesday, so I better keep up with it!  You can too!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's Happening Again...dun, dun, DUUUN!!!!

So, at least this weight-loss journey is teaching me a lot about myself.
I've learned how I get set back.  It's a pretty simple situation.  Life gets busier than usual and first my workouts get side tracked.  Maybe they are less intense.  Maybe they are skipped altogether.  Then I find myself making more exceptions.  "Just one or two is fine."  "I've eaten well all day.  It won't hurt."  Then that turns into "Well, just for the rest of the day I will eat a little more casually."  Then one day turns into two, or three, and without working out too, that ain't good.

Then I hope back on the scale and get slightly discouraged that it hasn't gone down.  Staying the same doesn't bring a whole lot of happy energy.  So I step off that scale with my head still not completely in the game.  Well, ENOUGH is ENOUGH.  I do believe eventually I will be able to have a little "cheat."  I don't even like thinking of it that way, because I believe and want balance.  But right now, I can't be giving my body junk, skipping workouts or taking the easy options and expect to see progress.

So here are some pictures to remind me of the foods I LOVE and that love me back!!!  I've cooked and bought all of this before and loved it, and I am going to again.  I AM going to break through this plateau and get in to the 140's!!!!!  140's, baby, here I come!!!!!!  Love, Eva

 Turkey Burger with sauteed mushrooms and feta cheese...
 ...with fresh lettuce from the garden
 Another turkey burger day (I think this was leftovers night) with mixed sauteed vegetable on top)
 "Fancy Salad" AKA garden greens with banana peppers!  ANY salad becomes fancy when you add banana peppers!  And I used a vegan meat substitute which was delicious!
 Blueberries! YUM!
Light Greek Yogurt is my new best friend
Easy organic salad mix from Costco...delicious and quick!  Doesn't get much better than that!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Checking In...

I DID GOOD TODAY!!!!  I ate well, with lots of veggie and fruit, and even got in my 30 minutes of exercise AND a trip to the pool with the kids.  Now it's midnight, and I feel full and great!  Keep up the good work everyone and me!  If you take care of yourself, you will feel taken care of.  If you eat good food, you will feel good.  I'm proof of that!


Monday, July 7, 2014


Well, I did great on the actual holiday.  GREAT.  And pretty good the day after.  But as the days have passed and the leftover junk food lingers I haven't been so on top of eating healthy.  I mean, I've been doing pretty good but making lots of exceptions.  I'm OK with one exception maybe, but not so many.  Because I know it adds up and then I don't feel well.  And this entire process is all about feeling better.

So, no more "just a nibble."  No more, "I'll just keep eating it 'till it's gone since it's here."  I want to make progress.  I want to reach my goals.  I want to feel real independence.  And I know I can.

I know you can too.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Good News!

The party was awesome!!! We had so much fun and I didn't overeat at all.  I stuck to my one cupcake and hotdog and sandwich sized bag of chips.  I enjoyed myself without over doing it and using theholi day as an excuse to uncomfortably overeat.  And I ate some party food and allowed myself to without feeling super guilty.  It was a great accomplishment that a lot of people probably take for granted.

Now I just have to deal with avoiding the leftovers.  Didn't do so well at that today. LOL  But at least it was just one cupcake and bag of chips again, and a couple bites of cake.  Could of been worse!  And tomorrow's the Fourth of July!  But I will focus on getting up in the morning for my workout and getting enough veggies and fruit through out the day and hope it works out.

Good luck with your fitness efforts!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Progress & Party Plans

Success again today, at least with getting in the workout.  I think this habit of planning the night before is the way to go.  And even though I had a slice and a half of leftover pizza for lunch, I bypassed the really yummy smelling In-and-Out even though I was out late running errands.  So that's progress.  That's an achievement.  That's a change in lifestyle I'm proud of.   And the Sunflower Salad I had was delicious!

Then we went out tonight and I got a small sugar-free slurpee and smoothie.  I'm not saying I say no to absolutely everything that's not vegan.  My goal is balance.  But I enjoyed what I had all the more because I knew I had exercised and eaten well the rest of the day.

Tomorrow is Sammy's birthday, and just like every other day this week I am going to get up earlier and do my best to exercise.  I've got to keep it going to make it a real habit.  The weight I've lost feels so good, and I want to keep up with the progress.  My goal is 1 cupcake- that's it.  And 1 otter pop.  I want to enjoy the party but not use it as an excuse to gorge.  Positive thoughts....positive thoughts...

Good luck to any of you on the same journey!