Monday, June 30, 2014

Finishing What I Started...Predicting, Planning & Putting It All Together

Like I've been resurrecting my other blogs, I'm back to working on working out too.  I'm really excited to have a special separate corner for all my healthy ideas, tips and struggles.  I had been doing my weigh ins and tracking my progress almost 2 years ago.  Each week I would check in with a picture, and post recipes and other workout tips during the week too.

Then life happened and moving and crazy busyness and making time to exercise just went on the back burner.  I kept trying to eat healthy foods, but eventually I wasn't as consistent about that either.  I gained back about 16 of the 20 or so I had lost.  That was annoying.  And discouraging.  And REALLY frustrating.  I was tired of being so distracted by my own failures.  It was taking away from the focus I could give my kids.  So I stopped it.  I made the switch.  I had to put myself first again, because that was really putting my family first.  I am my family's caretaker.  When I'm sluggish and tired I am not my best self.  Instead, I'm finishing what I started and I'm finding the real me.  And I'm happily back and beyond by a few pounds what I had accomplished 2 years ago...

Yesterday I did some writing and made a goal of achieving 30 mins of exercise, along with some measures to make it happen.  I did my 30 minutes today.  But only because I had made it an official goal yesterday and had come up with a couple of steps to make it happen.  So yay for journaling and blogging again!!!

I was totally tempted to do other things when the kids were quiet and keeping to themselves.  But I made getting my workout in a priority and it got done.  Now I just have to do it tomorrow too, and they day after that and the day after that...LOL

My point is predicting, planning, and putting it all into action makes a difference.  That's the difference between just wanting something else to happen, and it actually happening.  Anticipating challenges and trying to find ways to still get through them is key for me.  Because losing baby weight is challenging.  But I'm going to keep doing it!

Tomorrow I have to go to the grocery store early in the morning and then run other errands, so my regular plan of action won't work.  I think since I'm getting up early anyway, I will do some exercising before I leave and the kids are up.  That sounds great.  To ensure this happens I will put my workout clothes right by my bed to put on immediately.  I will also make sure I plug in my ipod so it's charged by the morning.  Again- predicting, planning and putting it all together.

As for food today, we had Little Ceasar's pizza for dinner, but it wasn't so bad.  I was really proud of myself for just having two little slices, and one more bite a couple hours later.  In the past I would have started with at least 3, and then an hour later another and another.  I would get stuck in this cycle of "It's my last time having it, so I better just enjoy it and get all I can! It's ok because I will never have it again."

Yeah, right.  I will never completely give up any food.  It's just not me.  But I am in good company because even Denise Austin & Lady Gaga get a day off each week from their healthy eating regimen.  So I don't have too feel terrible.  I can be happy I enjoyed it, but be certain I am not having more tonight...or right now...because even though it kind of sounds good I will regret it later.

And it really doesn't sound that good anyway.  Because I'm not going to give up what I want most for what I want at the moment.  Because I'm actually not craving junk food like I used to.  And because I have a work out in the morning...140's Here I come!


The Fitness Part of Getting Fit...Mommy Goals!

I know for me exercising is the cherry on top that leads to me feeling strong, slim and confident.  I like the slight soreness.  I feel proud knowing I stretched my body and pushed it a little farther than I would have otherwise.  BUT FOR SOME REASON I DON'T MAKE IT A PRIORITY!!!

I don't know why.

I mean, I am a STAHM of 3, and that does keep me busy.

There's the interruption of kids while I work out, the tiredness at the end of the day if I try to wait till they are in bed to work-out, and then even more tiredness in the morning if I try to get up early.  But STILL!!!  I'm always so happy when I've completed a workout, yet that only happens every few days.  Why?  If it's moving me toward my goals of being healthier, why don't I make it a priority.

I think it's because I want instant-gratification.  I want to see that scale drop right now.  And the truth is it doesn't work that way.  Health and weight-loss progress takes an investment.  It means minutes, and hours and days of making up for wasted time.

So, I am rededicating myself.  This week, 30 mins a day is all I'm shooting for.  That's not asking too much.  I've done it before, and I can do it again....I think...I hope...AAAAHHH!!!!  I want to!!!!

It's such a hard trade off.  Some days fighting the kids to get "me-time" isn't worth it.   I explode because they need me every 30 seconds or try to ask me questions in the middle of a set of push ups, when I'm red faced and beyond out of breath.  SO this goal has to have some reality checks.

First, I will get my exercise stuff set up and then get the kids set up with some quiet time activities and snacks.  Then I will IMMEDIATELY start working out.  No Facebook or blog checking.  No phone calls or texts.  I will already have water ready and be dressed to work-out so no wandering around the house and getting distracted.  I think this precaution will maximize my time so I can get the most work-out done.

Also, I need to be realistic and expect some interruptions.  And that's OK.  I love my kids and they are the number one reason I am trying to be healthier and more fit.  So "Something is better than nothing."  Some work out is better than none, and I know if I freak out and explode out of frustration then my work-out will definitely get cut short.  So EXPECT interruptions, put what's most important first i.e. the kids, handle them gracefully, and move on.  Literally, MOVE IT and start working out again!

Of course I also exercise with the kids, and there is always an open invitation for them to join me, but there are some things I like to do on my own too.  Besides it really isn't possible for me to exercise too much with a little work out on my own and some play time with the kids at the park or on the trampoline.  If exercise is my cherry on top, then I would like LOTS of cherries on top!  Here's to lots of exercising this week!


Sunday, June 29, 2014

What's For Lunch? Cilantro-Lime Fajita Soft Tacos!

I've been focusing on eating my carbs during lunch and tried out this creation last week.  It came out great.  Peppers were on super sale so I already had those.  I cooked those and some imitation meat (it's made from all sorts of beans!) in olive oil on the stove, then put them in a thin wheat tortilla.  Then I found a recipe for Cafe Rio Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette here, whipped it up and poured it on top.
 I chose to put a little but of cheese on top and then put on some banana peppers for a little more kick.  Banana peppers have been a life saver, really making my salads and meals more interesting!  Way to get more veggies in a meal!  Not only are they better for me because they have more nutrients and less calories, but if I'm eating vegetables it also means I'm replacing the other not-so-good stuff.  
Hope I can keep up the good work!  
Good luck to anyone else reading this, and also trying to eat well!  Love, Eva

The Best of Broccoli!

I found this list of recipes and I am REALLY excited to try them out!  I'm posting the link here so I don't continue to overwhelm my bookmarks bar which is already very recipe heavy.  Hopefully I will post some soon and share some reviews!   Click on the title to check them out.  The article is called 

The Best Detox-y Broccoli Dishes.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Healthier & Happier

What can I say about health?  I'm grateful for it.  I'm grateful I can jump with my kids on the trampoline.  I'm thankful I can chase them at the playground.  Today I climbed a net at the park, think two story jungle gym made of thick rope, and I was kind of scared but I did it.  I did it to be with my kids.

I work on being healthier so I can have more moments like that.  20 lbs ago, it was hard to do that.  Today I am closer to my goals than ever before because I understand more than ever why I am working for them.  It's for my kids.  My family.  My happiness.  My confidence.  Because I can't love anyone fully unless I love myself.  And how can I truly love myself if I'm not taking care of and nurturing myself?  That's why the way I treat my body does matter.

My kids, my family, those are the same reasons I sometimes (like tonight) have a candy bar or popsicle with them.  I don't want to take all the fun out of parties and insist on carrot sticks all the time!  It's balance.  It's also persistence.  It's patience the days the workouts don't happen.  It's hope for the future.  And it's a life that's much, much happier than ever before.

Love, Eva